offal puns are not awful puns
Updated on Thu, 6 Jun 2019, 8:22 am

since i found the ‘meat-ladies’, i knew i’d have the perfect subject to address chauvinism & assholism, laden with many meaty puns…

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destruction and creation
Updated on Wed, 13 Feb 2019, 8:10 pm

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Cattern Series: Brownies
Updated on Tue, 27 Nov 2018, 12:51 pm

A sneak preview of my latest cattern colors, a bevy of browns

i felt a penis
Updated on Fri, 29 Mar 2019, 9:58 pm

working on some fun felted penis mini-sculptures for my shop. i hope to make these available as fridge magnets, broaches/pendants and cat toys! i’ll be working on a deContinue Reading i felt a penis

Updated on Thu, 14 Mar 2019, 10:25 pm

i’ve never been the most social of beings. but i remain a socialist nonetheless. You can check these out on Society6 Asocialite asocialist

word play
Updated on Tue, 27 Nov 2018, 1:09 pm

during the process of creating a piece i tend to revise, refocus in an attempt to simplify and make the intended message clearer. in the final version of wordContinue Reading word play