Brent Pruitt is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in abstract and conceptual works of art. His body of work often explores identity, awareness, politics & social justice.


Brent has been creating other worlds for a long time, mostly as a form of escapism. As a kid, he wrote detailed notes and drew crude depictions of the inhabitants and strange creatures of his imagination. Exploration of possibility has been a hallmark of his works from the beginning. The creations of safe spaces and idealized worlds clashed sharply with the reality of growing up in an abusive environment.

His art began to take on greater significance as he strived to share his experiences and vision with others in an effort to recover from the effects of decades of abuse. His writings and poetry strengthened his voice, as did abstract painting provided enlivening expressive freedom.


Brent’s process is deeply rooted in self-exploration, seeking answers, and finding a new avenues to express his message. Working on multiple pieces or projects simultaneously is not uncommon. Whether waiting for a medium to dry or cure, sourcing the right images or materials, time away from a particular work provides fresh perspectives to push the work further.


As a keen observer with a rich imagination, ideas for art are not difficult to strike. However, Brent’s greatest influences originate in abstract expressionism, constructivism, minimalism, and pop art. Simplistic shapes, color that build upon and convey complex relationships with a subject matter appeal to an existential desire to bring semblance of order to chaos, and balance idealism with realism.

A deep fascination with communications and queer theory informs much of his work that explores perception, personal identity, politics, and social justice. In an era of art corrupted by capitalism, used to manipulate, exploit and conflate desire and necessity, Brent endeavors to create subversive art that instructs and elevates awareness.

Laced with humor, heartache, and a lust for life, Brent’s artwork embodies the intricate nature of human experience.