Art Supplies

I’m currently seeking donations of color magazines in good or excellent condition akin to topics outlined below, within the decades specified below. Preference will be given to color images, non-mainstream publications, & diverse representation. The local shop I had gotten my mags closed & online items have been hit & miss.

Contact me to discuss what you can contribute to my stockpile [ so I don’t get too many duplicates ].

Magazines from Decades:

  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1980s

Topics of Interest

  • Gay Porn!
  • Odd or uncommon subjects outside of mainstream media
  • Landscapes/Cityscapes
  • Tabloid [ The Lowdown, Confidential, etc ]

10$ +

You May Be Interested In
  • Brella. Brent Pruitt, collage, 2023

    Brella is a new collage by Brent Pruitt that celebrates self-love and exploration. Transcend the grit! Embrace the sun and sky! Revel in ecstasy of empowerment, freedom and support.

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  • The Categorical Duel of Antonyms [The Duel]. Collage by Brent Pruitt, 2023
    The Categorical Duel of Antonyms [The Duel]

    The Categorical Duel of Antonyms navigates many binary social contradictions — yes/no, gay/straight, man/woman, red/blue.

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  • Ease On Down. Brent Pruitt, assemblage/collage, 2023
    Ease on Down

    Whoa! Hold on there… One proposition to the origin of homosexuality has been attributed to a natural response by ‘mother nature’ for population control on an overcrowding planet. This theory arose to popular opinion as environmental concerns increased with ever-dwindling natural resources and climate change.

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