I’ve been talking about it for a few years, deciding on the format that best suited the idea. Now that it is completed, I am really happy how it has turned out.

I have quite a few queer beefcake and muscle competition magazines laying around the apartment, so i had a lot of images to choose from.

There’s plenty of homoerotic overtones [especially in the pink and blue version]. Male ego, competition, conquest over the male form are all underlying issues that art aficionados can debate.

I love the juxtaposition of words with an answer to one of the most common questions that vegans and vegetarians hear often: where do you get your protein?

I’m not sure if the confusion is caused by an education system that is a complete failure, or the massive propaganda from the meat industry. I have no idea how many national egg council ads i’ve seen over the decades — excluding my brain on drugs. My brain has a nice sizzle, thank you. but i digress…

The bold stripes forming the V for victorious vegans never again having to explain where their protein comes from!

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