The Red Scare, the Pink Scare, and the Homosexual Agenda

Commie pinko fag has long been derisive slang for politically leftist individuals — seen as socialist, communist sympathizers and suggesting an effete and effeminate nature.

The term emerged from fears generated by the Communist Revolution in the 20s, and solidified during the McCarthy-era Red Scare and Lavender Scare of the 40s and 50s. From the relentless and targeted persecution of this era, the modern gay rights movement arose.

For this project, I reclaim this moniker to reflect the long history of oppression, to honor those who have stood against it, and contribute my voice to this protest.

With every advance or recognition of LGBQTI rights comes a backlash of violence and legislation to prohibit equal protections and human rights for minority communities with a global impact.

Through a comparison of current and historical cultural perceptions and persecution of queers, I hope to advance the dialog, and share my passion and inspiration for my art.

My website documents this project as it evolves.