The Categorical Duel of Antonyms [The Duel]

Immutable extremist notions have eliminated nuance and reason.

Categorization as a means to understand the world has been replaced by diametrically-opposed ideals to control wealth and consolidate power.

Through The Categorical Duel of Antonyms [The Duel] i wanted to address the ‘both-sides’ debate, and extremist binaries.

Irrational dualism defines an item by an antithesis — true/false, yes/no, off/on, black/white, man/woman, boy/girl, straight/gay, red/blue, et al.

The elimination of ambiguity and promotion of far-right views exacerbates bigotry and injustice.

What should be seen as mutable concepts — like gender, sexuality, ethnicity/race — become trapped within absolutist constructions.

Any view or group outside of two acceptable options becomes equally, or more, abhorrent than what is seen as the opposition.

The exclusion that is inherent in the use of these diametrically-opposed ideals works to advance fascist extremism, and the consolidation of wealth and power.

The Duel aims to traverse this narrow landscape of duality with critical eyes.