this painting dates back to 1998-ish… ?!

this feels very much like ancient history, but the subject matter is very much at the forefront of my day-to-day, here-and-now living.

not too many people have actually seen this painting, unless they’ve been to my abode & gone exploring… when it is hanging, it typically resides hidden in an obscure corner. i finally patched up the bits that had been roughed up from the many [many] moves over the years.

it depicts some darker times past, darker moods. the details don’t translate well because the painting is so dark on some monitors, but i hope the likeness comes across.

the new moon hovers before a single window of a stark room. a lone shadow-blob curls on the floor. this simple scene depicts some of what it is like for me to have severe, at times crippling, depression.

despite the heavy atmosphere, i’d like to believe the new moon in this painting is a powerful symbol of quiet hope, renewal, or at least, change.

through the perceptively slow celestial motions, the rotation of the earth, the moon traverses the sky. at end of the waning cycle, the process begins again. it illustrates not only the passage of time, but provides a moment of pause & reflection for the shadows engulfed darkness.

in all of the black & blue, however dim, there is still light in the stillness. once your eyes have adjusted, it becomes a little easier to see the world around you.

‘remember to breathe,’ i was once told. perhaps difficult to understand, but it can be a struggle to be conscious of things that are automatic by nature, especially when one’s mind is clouded by depression. literal or figurative ― sage advice nonetheless.

New Moon is available for purchase, & as prints

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