Do Th’ ‘Do — Trendy Hair Styles for Sphynx Cats

I’ve always heard Sphynx cats ‘look weird’ without hair. Well, I have a solution with a few popular hairstyles from over the years. This might help ease the quease…

The regal sphynx can do their doo in a variety of hairstyles, as modeled by these fine, fancy felines.

Select from:

  • Comb Over
  • Curly Wrinkle
  • Meowhawk
  • Phillup Mybowl
  • Afuro
  • Emew
  • Nip Flip
  • Josesphinx Baker
  • Purrah Pawsett
  • Cattails
  • Pawpawdour
  • Paw Poms
  • Shagrug Hairball
  • prrdtdtdt [Beehive]
  • Kittease
  • au Natural

Cats are awesome, no matter what they may look like… so long as they’re spade or neutered.