• Miserable Without You
    Miserable Without You

    How much do you love coffee? Can coffee ever reciprocate your passion? Does your mug long for the touch of your sweet lips — only to feel betrayed?! Truly, a love triangle fit for a soap opera!

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  • Solidarity! :: Brent Pruitt
    Solidarity! In The Fight For Justice

    A call for solidarity in the fight for a just and equitable society.

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  • Rainbow Zig Zag

    A vibrant rainbow zig zag lightning pattern. This zigzag contains shades of red, orange, yellow, green on a field of dark blue.

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  • Deep Reef Currents

    This zig zag pattern takes inspiration from the ocean currents, water ripples and bright reds of coral.

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  • Blue Lightning

    This zig zag pattern could be a rather speedy river of goldfish. The vibrant blues and oranges have a southwestern desert vibe — but much cooler.

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  • Green Static. Brent Pruitt, illustration, 2017
    Green Static

    This zig zag pattern takes inspirational cues from warm grasslands, and rich golden summertime sands.

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  • Text, Complicit®, in bold black condensed lettering centered within a white background by artist Brent Pruitt

    Complicit® is a declaration of recrimination and confession. To what extent do we, as an individual, or collective, acknowledge our participation? How do we hold ourselves, and each other, accountable?

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  • Cum Lovers

    Cover your cum-loving lover! A playful pair of spermatozoa share an amorous gaze, wrapped in n heart-shaped embrace.

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