Phoenix Rising

I drew Phoenix Rising, rich with symbolism, to commemorate those murdered in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub on 12 June 2016.

To comprise the sea & sky, the 6 bars of blue and 12 golden bars signify the date of the massacre, June 12th.

The flock of 49 flamingos in silhouette represents the number of loved ones killed.

The central figure soars upward to contrast the sunset as a symbol of hope, renewal & celebration of life, to embody the perseverance of the queer community which rallies despite the many hardships society thrusts upon it.

I selected the flamingo as the motif, in part for their long association with Florida, and collective admiration of their flamboyant displays & vibrant beauty. I found the name derivation from the mythical fiery phoenix was an apt metaphor for the queer community — rising from ashes in defiance of injustice and in quest for human rights.

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