• Please Stop [b/c I Am Dying]

    Please Stop is a felt assemblage addressing the pains and overwhelming nature of depression.

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  • Disconnected

    felt assemblage, 12″ x 12″

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    Last of the Blue Ridge

    Last of the Blue Ridge speaks to the ravages of mountain top removal mining on the local ecosystem and surrounding population in the Appalachians.

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    Commie Pinko Fag: Liberté

    The Commie Pinko Fag: Liberté shadow with inverted triangle in felt assemblage.

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  • Home :: Brent Pruitt
    Hate Crime, I

    Hate Crime, I represents fear and hypervigilance, pain and bloodshed, scars and survival.

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  • New Moon :: Brent Pruitt Sale
    New Moon

    A solitary figure huddles on the floor of a dark, barren room, accented only by a window where a black moon looms in the night sky. This painting expresses the extreme isolation and turmoil of deep depression.

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  • Anorexic Tendency :: Brent Pruitt

    An early portrait painting depicting, in part, coming to terms with an anorexic tendency arising from sexual abuse, and attempts to regain a connection to oneself, physically and mentally through this realization.