• Ease On Down. Brent Pruitt, assemblage/collage, 2023
    Ease on Down

    Whoa! Hold on there… One proposition to the origin of homosexuality has been attributed to a natural response by ‘mother nature’ for population control on an overcrowding planet. This theory arose to popular opinion as environmental concerns increased with ever-dwindling natural resources and climate change.

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  • Somewhere Out There. Brent Pruitt, assemblage/collage, 2014
    Somewhere Out There

    Somewhere Out There merges San Francisco and New York City as the Oz utopia of queer culture. Seen as meccas for queer youth, once combined, they offer a powerhouse community somewhere over the rainbow.

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  • On the Fence

    Indecision? I’m not certain… With a nebulous idea of bisexuality arose an explanation of experimentation and delay of an inevitable and firmly-established outcome.

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  • Recruitment

    The gay agenda is alive and well. Recruit! Convert! Corrupt! Join an army of queers for a more equitable society!

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  • Queer Nation […Under god]

    Pledge to the Queer Nation! ACT UP! Fight Back! Silence = Death! Join for a more equitable society!

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  • Quarantine [Contagion]

    Evoking LaRouche the douche, Quarantine [Contagion] highlights the fear and reactionary politics during the AIDS Crisis [to present]. No on 64!

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  • Thought So… [Schizophrenagenia]

    In the 50s, schizophrenia was seen as a symptom of extremely repressed sexuality. Schizophrenagenisus theorized thought-patterns could be transferred in utero; when desires for a child of a specific gender, would cause a ‘misgendered’ child to be gay/lesbian.

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  • Close Encounters, Collage by Artist Brent Pruitt
    Close Encounters

    Tight spaces & friendly faces are said to bring out the very best in human nature.

  • How Offal. Brent Pruitt, collage, 2019
    How Offal

    Susan has revenge — turning misogyny on its decapitated head. A meaty pun livens a serious need for a conversation about sexism. How Offal, a collage by artist Brent Pruitt, now available on RedBubble.com.

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