New SpillProof™ Cap

New SpillProof™ Cap. Neztlū Waters® Pure Frack™ Privatized Water™


New SpillProof Cap™
Corexit FREE — NO EISs
Improved Beverage Delivery System, Same Slurry-rich Taste!

Our low-profile SPILLProof™ cap, intuitive threaded system, and robust seal ensures flow when you need it. Neztlū Waters® delivers the same slurry-rich run-off with no unnecessary EISs or harmful Corexit dispersant.

Worry less about human-error or negligence. The Colonial Pipeline, BP Deepwater Horizon, Exxon Valdez, et al are days of the past. Our SPILLProof™ cap is guaranteed. Whether trucks, trains, ships, pipelines, coastal water rigs, coastal refinement plants or storehouses, you’re covered!

Additionally, count on the economic growth received due to emergency responders in an affected area, to help offset any beach tourism and marine resource extraction industry losses. Though regrettable, harm to flora, fauna, mental health and quality of life are susceptible to subjective conjecture and too malleable in quantifiable terms, and are therefore inconsequential.

Pure Frack® Privatized Water™ is enhanced with minerals to taste.

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