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Pedestrians First! As cities grow and technologies change, drivers must adapt and hone their skills to help protect the lives of pedestrians.

Tags: brent pruitt, art, illustration, typography, sign, street sign, crosswalk, safety, pedestrian, driving, drivers, death, health
The bombing never ends with a public so far removed from its consequence.
Tags: brent pruitt, art, illustration, drones, drone, war, murder, terrorism, death, america, usa, united states

The Dead Shall Walk Again

Tags: brent pruitt, art, illustration, voodoo, skeleton, pelican, Louisiana, NOLA, New Orleans, zombie, death, acupuncture, acupuncturist, seal, society

A call to action for queer activism and a reminder for past persecution and murder.

Tags: brent pruitt, art, illustration, holocaust, death, nazi, work, prison, liberty, freedom, determination

This Will Not Last. Brent Pruitt, oil on canvas, 24" x 24", 2010

Tags: abstract, art, artwork, canvas, oil, Painting, brent pruitt, painting, shadows, mortality, death, infinity, finite