Commie Pinko Fag

The Red Scare, the Pink Scare, and the Homosexual Agenda

‘Commie pinko fag’ has long been derisive slang for politically leftist individuals — seen as socialist, communist sympathizers and suggesting an effete and effeminate nature.

The term emerged from fears of the post-Communist Revolution in the 20s, the McCarthy-era Red Scare of the 40s and 50s, and solidified in the Lavender Scare of the 50s. From the relentless and targeted persecution of this era, the modern gay rights movement arose.

Similar irrational fears persist to this day, and play out within the political and cultural landscape in a fight over equal rights/equal protections for gay, lesbian, transgender and queer peoples. This climate of fear and hatred against the queer and effeminate — a Pink Scare — continues to distort dialogs on LGBQTI communities across the globe. Legislation of recent years prohibiting equal protections are merely echoes of the past.

As an on-going art project, the moniker Commie Pinko Fag stands to reflect this history, to honor and remind, to protest and protect. A primary goal is to examine historical and current cultural perceptions and persecution of queers, to enlighten and inspire queer art, to effect change and value of human rights.

The website documents Brent Pruitt’s art, inspiration and source materials.

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