hello? this is me, or one representation of me.

As i write this out, it is my birthaversatilarian-anniversary-thing. at least it is in another timezone, as soon as they wake up a bit more. it’s early still. happish birfday…

i have a lot of art to post [and create], but in trekking through the vastness of space, watching [our nice backsides] in my rearview mirror — re: multitasking — i am seeking some help from the pink queer universe.

Change Is Afoot, Watson!

Here’s some of what i think to expect in the relative near future from me & for commiepinkofag.org:

  • more openness and sharing of my story:
    to help others, through a better understanding of my expression through my art, and for myself [ sanity] to relieve some of this unexpressed griefand anger while maintaining some public/private balance
  • video-performance:
    animations with words and images, some film-school-mocked visual-study word-smash [with collaborations sic. cool-labrador-ations with other artists]; some commie queer cat vids are likely!
  • works in progress, completed art:
    new sculptures, collages, sketches, my workflow & process, paintings, illustration & more
  • poetry recitations:
    [my own, from survivor & upcoming: a bee in my bedsheets]
  • humor, sarcasm, wit: more of the same [bitter attempts in channelling Swift and Wilde voices]
  • art give-a-ways, queer gear merch discounts & whatever else i can think of in return with grace & humility
  • site design updates, and more! [call now! operators are standing by]

Timing is critical. It’s what i must do to survive. if you like my art, my voice, this site [ commiepinkofag.org], i want to help, if i may, provide to the pink queer universal collective.

How To Help?

consider contributing to my patreon campaign, buy my art, or spread the queer art & words around [with attributions/sources, please?].

if the communal spirits are willing to listen to this amalgamated voice, with the right goals, reached together, i might be able to steer this brain of mine from the edge of a precipice [thelma-louise-style-driving].

thank you!

for reading, caring, liking, reblogging and buying and supporting and contributing and donating & especially for fighting for justice.

@brentpruitt / @commiepinkofag

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