in the span of a few days, i’ve gone through 3 pens, a notebook, and a half, with layers of loose pages of writings strew about the floor with cryptic scratches of ink, repetitious, stream of conscious gibberish that i hope someday makes me seem really really crazy mad, or poetic genius.

i do wish pen refills were more economically feasable — 4x the cost of an original ‘refillable’ pen…? capitalism is shit.

the trials and tribulations of humand-kind…

i’ve been filling up my harddrive with collage images and motion pictures, digital hoarding, clipping items slowly for some odd visual poem i’m concocting.

it is interesting that after all this time, 20 years or so, that i’ve not put into practice my film studies, partial due to the straight male hypermasculine industry, that i am drawn to the medium lately. the comments and actions of classmates against my work then really turned me off the game.

we shall see if it’s any better received. my script still needs heavy revisions, more focus, and a refined message. with several threads being pulled at once, i’m hoping to stich this all back together in a nice series perhaps.

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