Neztlū Waters® Pure Frack® Privatized Water

‘Oh, Frack!’ introduces a near-future line of products that can be seen as a direct result of the effects of global capitalism. This satirical ad campaign follows the trajectory of global capitalization to its inevitable and extremely devastating end, packaged neatly for consumers by one fictitious corporation — Neztlū Waters®. Imagine… after all public natural resources have been privatized… after access to [and ‘ownership’ of] all resources have been consolidated through eminent domain… after all government regulations have been lobbied to an encrypted symbol on a label… after entire ecosystems are polluted & destroyed causing mass extinctions of vital organisms… Corporations will still drive to meet the shareholders bottomline, and further increase the CEO payout to pad their offshore tax-haven.
Access to water should not be a public right. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman and former CEO of Nestlé, 2013
The language and visuals used in this series attempt to highlight current standard practices utilized by corporations, media outlets, marketing and public relation agencies to obscure truths, and obfuscate social responsibility for the environment and humanity as a whole. With growth in the privatization of government, and lobbying by tax-dodging corporations, institutions designed to protect health and safety utilize these same tactics and fail with grave consequence in their mission. While the ‘Oh, Frack’ campaign illustrates an extreme vision of one pretend-corporation, it is the dystopian reality of capitalism; and the actions of a variety of businesses vying for power and control of ever-growingly limited resources. The very real harm brought about by these entities can be devastating, yet can halted. The basic survival of our species is reliant on the end of this perverse destruction of our watersheds, soil and air. There are more sustainable options to meet energy demands — viable alternatives to fracking gas/oil, coal/mountain-top removal/mercury-mining, deforestation, and the continued privatization and resource-hoarding. I strongly urge individuals join together to help protect our drinking water, and other natural resources. A few resources for more information:

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