still trying to find the right messaging to garner support via this site.

i’ve made strides in updating the content on though it’s not where i want it exactly, it’s much improved. i’m still looking to reduce the load time, and think the cms needs to be replaced entirely. i also hope to bring back comments and a new user account features.

I have added a new shop for cannabis-inspired fashion: HI FAßION which blends ‘high fashion’ patterns with made-to-order quality apparel. Pinstripes, herringbones, houndstooth and more to come there, so check back often.

I also have several new pieces that i’ll be posting soon, that are quite cheeky fun before getting back to some more serious-themed work.

There’s so much work i need to complete, and community support would help me do that. My goals are pretty simple:

  • To supplement income from art sales, until sales are sufficient to sustain a living.
  • To increase art sales, by employing an artist assistant/marketing guru to assist in promotion, sales and social media.

if you have thoughts or recommendations, i’d love to hear them.

i can’t do this alone…


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